New addition to my addiction…

As most of you know I purchased, and love, a Babycakes mini cupcake maker. Well while walking around Kohl’s to find work pants, I took a stroll through the housewares area. What did I spy??? 3 other Babycakes gadgets. A whoopie pie maker, donut maker and a cake pop maker. I purchased the mini donut maker. I will go back for the cake pop maker..and I may go back for the whoopie pie maker. I mean when my husband and I checked out, we got $20 Kohl’s cash and wouldn’t you know? That’s EXACTLY what the machines cost? Fate.

I rushed home and made donuts. And they were fab. And easy and healthy. The first one I found a donut recipe online..and halved it. Took the frosting I had leftover in my fridge from my last baking day and melted that..dipped the cooled donuts in and then sprinkled!
And the next day..I pulled a blueberry cheesecake muffin mix out of my cabinet..and whipped that up..making a more cake like donut..and whipped up a vanilla glaze for those.


I have added “Cupcakes” by Lucie Heaton into my rotation..this is what the finish looks like.

I worked a bit more on my Spring Fairy


I have worked a bit more on “Bohemia” also

More Babycakes Baking!

I  made pancake muffins with sausage inside the same way I made those corn dog muffins.

I  also made mini taco cups using refridgerated pie crust and taco meat.

Have I mentioned how much I love this gadget???


Babycakes mini cupcake maker

My husband bought this for me and I looove it!
I’ve used it for mini cupcakes, mini brownie bites, and now I’m browsing the net looking for more ideas.

I have made these before in my oven so I figured I’d try them in my Babycakes.

You need a corn muffin mix, made as directed on package.
Hot dogs cut up..and that’s it!
You fill each half way up and stick the hotdog slice in center and then
top with enough batter to cover the hot dog.

I made these for dinner tomorrow since I’m working late and my daughter can
easily heat up for her and my son.

But for my son’s lunch I made these  mini grilled cheese sandwiches.

I remember seeing them on the net somewhere..can’t remember where.
But all I did is use a shotglass, cut slices of bread and slices of cheese.
Melt a bit of butter in a small container..used my finger to dab butter on
one side of the bread round, put butter side down in babycakes.
If you cut 8 rounds, only put 4 in..etc.
Leave the lid open and check after a minute to see if brown.
While waiting, prepare the top bread pieces the same way.
When the ones in the maker are brown, pull those out and put the other slices in butter side down,top with a cheese round,
and put the ones you pulled out on top of the ones you just put in.

Sounds complicated and hopefully you get what I’m saying because they are super easy.


Emily Peacock’s “Bohemia”

issue 210 Britian’s no.1 CrossStitcher

Sorry for the bad’s the only one in the magazine.
I fell in love with this design when I first saw it.
It stayed in the back of my mind haunting me..
but in a good way.

One day I decided to stitch something small when sitting on the
front stoop while my son played outside.

Had to do this.

I grabbed a piece of fiddler’s cloth,brown, to do it on..but realized..after stitching the whole small white flower..
I looked at the design again and realized it wouldn’t stand out too well.
So I will start over, on a piece of dark country blue aida.

I’m not putting it on a shirt, I’m going to make it into a tote bag.
That’s the plan.

I just need to hunt down the DMC variation thread it calls for for the hair..
but for now, I’ll start in the center..a white flower.

More pics to come. I’m stitching this in between my fairy.


Small Spring Fairy update…


Just a small amount of progress due to working heavily on Sonic so my son would get off my back about

I started on the bottom right page and did her foot and everything to the left of her leg…except french knots. I just had to backstitch it because the foot didn’t look right and I wanted to make sure..and it was..and now she has toes!
Hope to work more on her today since I’m off work.

I have finished Sonic!

Sonic and my son

I was able to do a lot of stitching last night..but couldn’t bring myself to do a whole lot of white on white…so I did a bit of coloring in.

Sonic the Hedgehog..update!

I’ve been able to work a bit more on him..the shoes..and the white on his shoes…socks..

Getting ready to sit down and stitch up his legs and belly so I’ll post up another

update. This is growing really fast and my son is super excited!

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